Board of Directors

Democratic Control

Empire Electric's service area is divided into seven districts from which one director from each district is elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Directors are elected by the members. Each member has one vote in the election, either at a meeting held for such purpose or by mail ballot. Each member is not limited to vote on director nominees in their own district. They can cast votes for all director districts open for election.

Members are eligible for Directorship in the District where they live. The District Map is available to download and at Empire's headquarters.


Director nominations are made by written petition only (on forms provided by the co-op). Not less than fifteen members living in the nominating District must sign the nomination petition.

How to run for 2019 Board of Directors Information

Policy 12:  Election and Voting Policy

Empire's Current Board Members



District 1

Jerry Fetterman

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District 2




District 3

William C. Bauer

FastTrack Representative

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District 4

Bill Mollenkopf
Tri-State Representative

UREA Representative

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District 5

J. Kent Lindsay


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District 6

David Sitton


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District 7

John Porter

Vice President
CREA Representative

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*Term expires in year indicated