Community Room

EEA provides a public meeting space for active members. The community room can be used for nonprofit organizations, youth activities, civic and public service organizations. Use of the room is free-of-charge; however, you must pay a deposit and sign a contract to reserve the Calvin Denton Community Room for your nonprofit organization or event. A maximum of 12 bookings in one calendar year is allowed per member. To check on availability, call EEA’s main number 970-565-4444 or 800-709-3726.  A signed contract is required to reserve the room.

The Calvin Denton Community Room Contract is available for viewing purposes only.  The contract needs to be signed in-person at our office, 801 N. Broadway, Cortez. 

Interested in booking the Calvin Denton Community Room? Email us at or call 970-565-4444.


An applicant must be an active member of EEA and be willing to sign a contract for the scheduled event. The signer agrees to be present at all times during the scheduled event and takes full responsibility for the use of the room including clean-up and supervision of all attendees. EEA may cancel a reservation contract or deny future use of the community room if an applicant fails to comply with established contract guidelines.

Facility Description:

Room size is 36' x 36' not including the kitchen.

Room Capacity:

85 people

Applicant must provide a $50 refundable deposit.  Deposit will be forfeited if the Applicant fails to cancel an event at least 24 hours before the scheduled time or does not show for the event. If it is determined that the applicant’s use of the Calvin Denton Room requires cleaning or repairs, the deposit will apply against these charges and the applicant will pay the cost for clean-up, repair, or replacement. There is a minimum fee of $100 for clean-up and $10 for a lost or damaged key card.

Available Equipment:

  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • 10 round 6' tables
  • 20 8' rectangular table
  • 85 folding chairs
  • Public restrooms