Event Sponsorships

At EEA, we take pride in providing support to our local communities because we live here too. By giving back, being active, and encouraging our employees to get involved, we work to improve the quality of life in our communities in many ways.


Event Sponsorship

EEA sponsors numerous events and activities in our service territory. This public presence is one of the many ways we show our commitment to the communities we serve. If you are sponsoring an event and would like to have it considered for sponsorship from EEA, please fill out a request form.

Include information about location, date, sponsoring entity, number of people expected to attend, etc. When possible, please use the sponsoring organization's letterhead for the request.

Provide us with sponsorship levels, and tell us how EEA’s name and/or logo will be used during this event. If the sponsorship includes an ad or banner, please include specific information necessary to meet these requirements.

Be certain to include a contact name and phone number, and a mailing address for the check.

If EEA sponsored the event the previous year, please include the amount of the previous sponsorship.

You can mail or fax the request to:

Empire Electric Association, Inc.
Attn: Administration
P.O. Box K
Cortez, CO 81321

Fax: 970-564-4401

Checks can take up to two weeks after the request has been approved, so please plan accordingly and send sponsorship requests as early as possible. The request may require attendance at the monthly board of directors meeting.

Please note that EEA does not provide any "individual" sponsorship, such as trip payments for student programs, or sponsorships for beauty pageants.