Free Videos About My Bill

When you sign up for Personalized Video Messaging, you receive timely and useful videos that offer customized bill explanations. The videos answer questions like, "Why is my bill different from last month?" or "What can I do to save on my energy bill?" Other messaging will include cost saving ideas and Empire Electric programs to help you understand more about your bill. 

The video messages will not be sent to you each month as they focus on variances in your usage.  For example, if your kilowatt hour usage is significantly different in one month as compared to the prior month or as compared to the previous year, a video is sent to your email address to help explain why there is a notable change in your usage. 

Thank you for signing up for the free videos.  Please let us know if you enjoy this service.  You can opt out at any time by calling us at (970) 565-4444, clicking on the Contact Us button and sending an email message, or opting out on this form.